Creation of The STEP

The STEP was originally conceived as a solution to help an elderly gentleman with Parkinson's Syndrome who was finding it very difficult to get into his daughters lofty four wheel drive truck. He found it hard to reach the running boards, and then nearly impossible to turn around to get seated once on the running boards. He was finding it hard to get motivated to get out, and then was exhausted from the process of moving when he was able to get out. He was certainly frustrated at a time he should have been most enjoying his family. But The STEP was the perfect solution. It stood just high enough to reach the running boards, but more importantly provided the surface area (120 square inches) to permit him to confidently turn around and gently sit in the seat. His daughter kept it in her truck until he passed away, and he enjoyed getting out more until then because of the added mobility it afforded him. After his death, his daughter took The STEP inside where she now uses it as a footstool in front of her favorite chair. it might occasionally get used as a short step to reach cabinets, or maybe a stepstool for her grandchildren to use for brushing their teeth. It could even serve as a great podium, platform or stand for plants or anything else needing an elevated surface to sit on. Her grandchildren also tend to grab it to use as a seat when they visit, because it is just the right height.

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Owners Note - "You'll value The STEP more the more you can use it."

Ed wood

” There is no limit to the potential uses for The STEP. Most obviously, it's a stable stepstool to offer just the little bit of extra reach or lift. But don't let that limit how you use it. The only thing I've heard from anyone who has T The STEP has been that they manage to bump feet and toes into it while moving through a walkway. One of the best uses for The STEP I've heard of is as a plant stand. Give any floor standing plant a lift by letting it sit on The STEP when The STEP isn't in immediate need. Pull the plant off to use The STEP when needed, and return the plant to the top of The STEP after returning it to the spot the plant resides. The plant may like the lift, and The STEP is handy but in use and out of the way.