The STEP is a convenient stepstool offering 9.5 inches of lift when you just can't reach high enough.

The STEP, Your always convenient stepstool!
The STEP, Your always convenient stepstool!
Desirable STEP features include...

*All natural wood construction, sanded smooth on all sides

*Cantered sides insure The STEP will not tip over in normal use

*Weighty mass of The STEP allows users to feel confident it will provide a stable base while in use.

*Molded finger handle inside beside handhold cutout offers comfort and ease when picking up and carrying The STEP

*Ready for any type finish you may want to apply, or it looks great raw and natural.

And it's a good bargain at just $60
or consider finished options below...

Finished and Custom Options

The STEP is currently available as an inventory iten available when you need it in the raw unfinished version pictured above, or in a primed version shown below.

The STEP - Primed
The STEP - Primed

The STEP primed comes with two coats of a quality bonding primer to seal and protect all surfaces and edges. It's ready for a finish coat of whatever color, texture, or special treatment you may want to use to make it your own.

The STEP Primed is ready for you for $80
or check out below for natural finishes...

Because there are so many possible finish options, I don't typically keep The STEP on hand with durable natural finishes. I've included these two to demonstrate how they can be a part of your home with an attractive furniture quality look. Each were first treated with a prestain to seal the wood and help it take stain better. Then each was rubbed with a stain, and wiped clear of excess within several minutes time. Both then received two topcoats of polyurethane to provide a durable finish. And over time, like your floors, the finish will deepen and continue to provide your STEP protection.

The STEP - Ipswich Pine Finish with Polyurethane Topcoat
The STEP - Ipswich Pine Finish with Polyurethane Topcoat
The STEP - Bombay Mahogony with Polyurethane Topcoat
The STEP - Bombay Mahogony with Polyurethane Topcoat
The STEP Ipswich Pine or The STEP Bombay Mahogany -- only $90 for either.

The STEP can be your pulpit...

One great aspect of The STEP is the opportunity to make it a little more special or enjoyable with some simple customization. The STEP is perfect to use for your billboard to voice your views, or as your canvas to demonstrate your artistic skills. Cheer on your favorite team, paint pastoral scenes, or support your favorite organization by recognizing them. The STEP is intended to be your own, with special memories to hold.

Customize The STEP you gift...

The STEP is a great item to gift. How many times do you find yourself asking "What can I get my friend as a gift? They have everything!" Almost anyone and everyone can think of a use they have for The STEP. you probably know a young couple just starting out who could use one for a housewarming or marriage gift. Or perhaps the young man with the new four wheel drive pickup could use one so he doesn't have to lift his girl up for a date. And the options above are great choices. You can start with either one and customize it to make it special. If you don't want to do that, or if you don't have the time, let me know what you have in mind and let's see what we can come up with.

A Custom STEP given as a gift
A Custom STEP given as a gift

The custom STEP pictured to the left was given as a Christmas gift this year. Imagine receiving this from your grandchildren at Christmas.

Still Aren't Convinced?...

Its so difficult to tell if The STEP is really what you need from a website, I would appreciate the opportunity to let you see The STEP and recognize how useful it can be. Please contact me with questions, concerns, or reservations and I may be able to adequately address them. Customers in the Winston-Salem NC area are especially convenient for demonstrations or deliveries. So don't hesitate to contact me.